Where does the evidence come from?

“All of the high level medical evidence is flawed because it only reflects what happens at institutions that are big enough to do research. I’d like to call this institutional bias or academic bias, but those titles are both taken by other concepts. For lack of a better term, let’s call it research hospital bias.” – 

loving mother adoring baby after waterbirth

While my personal anecdotal data is of course a very small sample, I find it so confusing, and sometimes frustrating when the newest research provides “evidence” against what I feel is true in my bones. For instance the recent study that says a low-risk person less likely to have a cesarean birth if medically induced at 39 weeks.  Our very own Lisa Kane Low, is quoted in this NRP article! She brings up an important point that while the risk does appear lower, the actual risk decrease is VERY low, and might not actually be in the mother’s or baby’s best interest, Especially if the mother is very fearful of a c-section, and that is informing her choices.  Thank you Lisa for your insight.
This article Midwifery Today article touches on one of my issues with all this evidence coming out. I think it’s reasonable to think “If we mess up how mammals labor, it’s safer to mess with it even more”.
Anyway… Thoughts?

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