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Hello Sacred Roots family!  It’s been awhile since I updated here, and I will share some about what has been going on with me lately in a near-future post! I promise!
In the meantime, I wanted to introduce Alyssa Bialy!  I am super excited to be given the opportunity to support Alyssa in becoming a great doula and asset to her community as a birth worker.  I met Alyssa in my Childbirth Education classes through Ypsi-Arbor CBE in the fall of 2018. After the birth of her son, she reached out to ask about the process of becoming a doula and what all it entails.  Since then we have met a few times, and each time I am so happy to know that she is entering the world of birth.  She is caring, conscientious, and full of the desire to learn and serve.
Alyssa and I will be working together as she gets her footing on her own.  Through the next few months, I will be supporting her by being a source of information and a sounding board.  A place she can reach out to if she feels she needs some support, which happens often as a doula, but especially as a new one.  So without further ado, here is Alyssa’s short and sweet bio, and I hope to share more about how we are working together going forward!
Hello! My name is Alyssa Bialy and I recently joined the doula community after taking a DONA certified course with Jessica English. While I transition in to this new role, I feel grateful to work closely with Katy Gladwin, as my mentor. Her experience, kindness, and knowledge provides an excellent foundation to birth work.
I pursued becoming a doula because the bedrock of my life can be summed up in one word – love: love of family, nature, my dog, and cooking.  I know that assisting a family through the birthing process, supported by a healthy dose of love, can significantly impact the mother, father, and child.
Part of life is engaging in learning, chances, and choices, which ultimately led me to a degree in secondary education. I now want to help empower families to make informed decisions about their birth experiences. Creating an environment of empowerment with emotional support as they go through this life changing, yet vulnerable, process, is how we can build strong bonds between babies and their families.
As I build upon the birth stories of family and friends, as well as my own birth experience, I am honored, humbled, and delighted to partner with other women and their families as their new child enters the world.

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