Lindsay S

Katy Gladwin was an excellent doula who I highly recommend to women and families who appreciate the balance of an educated professional who understands medical explanations (she was a pre-med student) while having a kind and compassionate heart who genuinely encourages the most comfortable experience possible.  Katy was accessible before, during and after the labor and we felt an instant connection to her. She knew when to probe further when medical professionals made suggestions and when to allow us the space to make our own decisions throughout the labor. I highly valued her presence and would recommend her services to others who want the extra support and experienced knowledge during labor.

Katy’s reassurance and ability to back up her suggestions with medical explanations helped calm me down throughout the process.  Katy is very knowledgeable and her demeanor is wonderful too. I would pepper her with questions and she would often know the answers.  When she didn’t she was honest (which I appreciated). I fully trusted her knowledge and know that she will continue to be successful if she relies on combining her pre-med background and explanations of not only ‘what’ may be happening but ‘why’ something occurs to let the facts sink in.