Emily A

It’s difficult to summarize the impact of Katy on my birth and postpartum experience. I was scared of almost everything having to do with labor and delivery, and having someone who had been there before (many, many times!) was wonderful. Her calm demeanor, abundance of knowledge, and lending library helped me figure out what I wanted for my birth experience. The meetings with Katy engaged my partner in preparation for birth and post-partum in a way that he would not have been if we didn’t have dedicated time, space, and a guide. I used many of her suggestions during labor including rebozo sifting and the miles circuit which finally helped me progress after 20+ hours of slow moving back labor. By the time we got to the hospital neither my husband nor I had slept much in about two days, and so Katy become our memory keeper. She pushed against my feet during contractions, kept track of what was happening when, and was probably the most calm and lucid adult in the room. I value the notes she took during my labor and delivery because I was too exhausted to remember much of what was happening. Despite having both my mother and my husband with me during the majority of my labor (and they were great!), it is Katy’s voice that I remember coaching me, her presence that I felt, and somehow her strength that carried us all through the process. I wasn’t ever truly scared because I knew she would have her eye on things. Post-partum Katy fielded several anxiety filled texts from me and helped me remember that I was capable, wise, and strong. I am more than happy that my daughter is one of “her” babies.