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Oh my goodness where do I even begin?! Katy is an incredible woman, doula and fierce advocate and I was so very honored to take her parenting/birth class AND have her serve as my doula when my home birth went to a hospital birth. She has the experience, dedication and disposition needed to be a strong advocate for you, your body and your baby in any and all birth situations.

After 2.5 days of labor, I transferred to the hospital at 7 cm dialated and with a swollen cervix. Katy helped me continue to ask questions and see what my options are while surrounded by doctors and nurses in an environment I did not want to be in but was medically necessary. Amazingly, during the birth itself which only took “5 minutes”, Katy snapped some amazing pictures of my husband, baby and I AND was able to catch a kind nurse doing her normal pattern…about to put a pitocin injection into my IV line…and all three of us got to say NO to that one. I have no idea how she saw that while helping me to manage my contractions, pushing, the baby, AND taking pictures.

Katy is a grounded, kind, compassionate, strong and incredible doula, woman and mother. Hiring her time, in any capacity, is well worth it. Do not look further. Talk to, email and consult with Katy and get her on your exceptional birth team NOW!