Welcome Michelle!

I’m so happy to announce that Sacred Roots has added another doula to our team! Michelle will be joining as the newest mentee (for now 😉) in the Sacred Roots Birth Doula Mentorship program.

I met Michelle when she was a moderator for a panel through the Health Management and Policy Masters Program at the University of Michigan. She was looking for doulas to speak to students about the roll they play in creating safer birth outcomes, and I was so happy to be able to offer my experience on the panel.

After our call, Michelle reached out to learn more about how I started my doula practice and showed interest in joining the team as a mentee.

Michelle has such a passion for making change in the safety AND joy that women around the world experience when giving birth. She is putting her actions where her heart is too, through education, internships, and research she is going to make big changes in the way women, especially black women, are cared for during pregnancy and beyond.

And now we add Doula Services! Michelle will be an amazing asset to our community as a doula, her belief in women and ability to listen to their needs and concerns will make her a powerful supporter of empowered birth.

You can read more about here on her page! 

Welcome Michelle, I’m so happy to get to be a part of your journey!


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