Rachel K

Katy is exactly who she presents herself to be, a birth educator and advocate for your own birth empowerment. She is calm, thoughtful and wicked smart. I came to her at 7 months pregnant, full of fear and questions. Each time my husband and I met with her, we grew more informed and more confident. By the time my due date came, we felt unexpectedly ready. We knew we had all the information and felt reassured to have someone to call for support when it was time to deliver our little one. I one hundred percent believe this attributed to a very smooth delivery with our first child. Katy is a helpful medium between hospital and natural birth, and because of this I was able to seamlessly combine the benefits of both. Also, the postpartum care she offers is invaluable as the hospital really does release you ill-equipped to deal with the magnitude of postpartum recovery. The most important thing I gained from the entire experience of having a doula was that I felt in control of my own decisions during a confusing time that could otherwise feel very chaotic. I consider it the best money we’ve ever spent to bring our daughter into this world with the support of Katy by our side.