Emily E

My husband and I had spent months and months reading birthing literature, taking birth classes, formulating a birth plan, and otherwise preparing for the birth of our daughter, but when the time came, there was absolutely no substitute for Katy. We had a plan, but the plan involved me going through “early labor,” and when I skipped straight to the middle part and sped quickly toward transition, my husband was left mentally still trying to follow our “early labor” plan – I think he was in the process of de-ribbing some kale to make me juice when Katy arrived at our house; she quickly and calmly assessed the situation and got us moving toward the hospital. Once there, she helped us navigate the hospital and acted as an excellent buffer between me and the staff, which allowed me to stay focused on the hypnobirthing technique I was using to get through labor. Throughout the labor and birth that followed, Katy was a calm, supportive presence.
Katy also helped us prepare, in advance, for the weeks that followed the birth – my husband and I had planned for everything leading up to our baby’s arrival, but nothing after. Katy talked through the post-partum period with us and helped us set some reasonable expectations for what we might be doing (or, as it were, not doing) once our baby arrived. Looking back, this was an enormous gift to us – Katy helped us carve out the space and time we needed to heal and be together as a new family. She was also a terrific resource after our baby was born – new parenthood is a scary thing, and Katy fielded several frantic calls from us and prevented us, at least once, from flying off to the emergency room with our perfectly healthy newborn.

Emily O

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baby Cedar

Oh my goodness where do I even begin?! Katy is an incredible woman, doula and fierce advocate and I was so very honored to take her parenting/birth class AND have her serve as my doula when my home birth went to a hospital birth. She has the experience, dedication and disposition needed to be a strong advocate for you, your body and your baby in any and all birth situations.

After 2.5 days of labor, I transferred to the hospital at 7 cm dialated and with a swollen cervix. Katy helped me continue to ask questions and see what my options are while surrounded by doctors and nurses in an environment I did not want to be in but was medically necessary. Amazingly, during the birth itself which only took “5 minutes”, Katy snapped some amazing pictures of my husband, baby and I AND was able to catch a kind nurse doing her normal pattern…about to put a pitocin injection into my IV line…and all three of us got to say NO to that one. I have no idea how she saw that while helping me to manage my contractions, pushing, the baby, AND taking pictures.

Katy is a grounded, kind, compassionate, strong and incredible doula, woman and mother. Hiring her time, in any capacity, is well worth it. Do not look further. Talk to, email and consult with Katy and get her on your exceptional birth team NOW!

Emily O (Childbirth Ed)

Baby Cedar and mama

Katy’s class was absolutely critical for my partner and I. The idea of labor and birth really blinded me to the realities that I would then need to PARENT and figure out how to soothe my newborn. I did far more research on labor and birth than parenting. Most of what we learned on parenting is from our own parents AND Katy’s exceptional class! We were so grateful to know how to use wraps, what to try to soothe our baby, and that frustrating and dark thoughts can be normal, and when to get additional help! Without her work, we would have been much more frustrated, stressed and exhausted. I am so grateful for Katy’s class and HIGHLY recommend ALL new parents attend.

Terese N

There are the tangible aspects about having Katy as our doula that were undoubtedly critical – helping me by trying different positions through labor pains, using essential oils to keep me grounded, feeding me honey as my energy waned… these were all things that were obvious benefits. At a greater level, the most valuable part of Katy’s participation was her calm and resolute presence. As my labor failed to progress and complications started, I never once felt panicked or scared. Each time a new situation unfolded – lack of progress, infection/fever, induction, more lack of progress – Katy was there, and I looked to her to gauge if I needed to be concerned. Never did she waver, and even though we neared 30 hours of labor and ended with an epidural and C-section, I am completely confident that we tried our best. Without Katy’s strength and guidance, I know I would have felt much more anxiety and uncertainty, and perhaps much more regret after birth. Instead, despite the C-section, I look back at our birth experience as a beautiful and positive one.  

All in all, I feel like Katy played such an important and special role in our son’s birth. She will forever be a part of our lives now, and we couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative for the incredible work she does as a doula and birth coach.

Edited to add:

Katy was our doula for both of our children, and I could not have done any of it without her. She is the perfect combination of strong, knowledgeable, and supportive. I credit her guidance and support for the successful VBAC, and couldn’t imagine having a better experience with anyone else. I’m lucky to now call her a friend, and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a well-informed, science-based doula who is kind, thoughtful, and so generous with her support and time. We LOVE Katy!

M. S.

My husband and I knew we wanted a doula for our 3rd pregnancy. We were planning another natural labor and had used a doula with great success in the past. We were so happy to find Katy. She was warm, calm, grounded and helpful. My previous labors had been long and quite painful and as my pregnancy progressed I grew more fearful. Katy always reminded me that my body was designed to give birth and never let my fear get the better of me. Prior to labor, she responded to my requests for reading material and listened as I complained about the aches and pains of my 3rd pregnancy. My other two children were 2 1/2 and 20 months. I had been pregnant 3 times in 3 years and I was finding this pregnancy very difficult. Katy suggested I work with [a massage therapist] for prenatal massages and they were truly great. […] During labor Katy and my husband worked together to give me strength. I remember a moment where Katy let go of my hand for a second because she had to go to the restroom. I looked up at her and asked her to please stay with me and without hesitation she sat right back down. I later found out that she was pregnant during my labor and was even more in awe of her dedication.  My family and I are so grateful that we got to share the birth of our daughter with Katy and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Elisa W

I don’t think I would’ve had the resolve to do a natural birth without having a doula.  First of all the book Katy recommended to me and lent to me at our first meeting, “Natural Hospital Birth”, was exactly what I needed to get in the right frame of mind for having a natural birth.  Katy’s support during the whole time leading up to the birth was key for me to be able to do it without an epidural, and all her suggestions were useful in how to make that happen. Mostly just knowing she was there and supporting me meant I didn’t worry and she lifted the weight of worrying from my shoulders.  At the hospital I was just able to focus on Katy and her voice rather than a bunch of Doctors who I didn’t know and wasn’t convinced had my best interests always in mind.