Mary Clipner

Hi there,

  My name is Mary Clipner (she/her) and I am a mother of three, a wife, teacher and birth doula. I completed training with DONA and am currently working on completing my certification. I find my center when exploring nature and my joy while teaching various homesteading skills such as spinning yarn, gardening, making herbal salves, and creating natural dyes. I find purpose when sharing knowledge with my children and community about where things come fromand how they’re made. Many of these skills were traditionally passed on within a “village”, including the planning for, birthing and on-going care for a new baby and mother. My personal years of mothering have deepened my appreciation for the process of life giving and I now work to provide that village-based wisdom for others as they embark on their own family journey.

      Every birth is unique and my passion lies in helping others find the information they need while preparing for their birth as well as their postpartum season. Everyone should have autonomy over their body and feel like their voice is being heard.  It’s been during my own matrescence that I’ve fallen in love with birth culture and why I continue to learn as much as possible so that I can uplift others to have the positive birth experience they’re hoping for. It’s this strong initial bond that builds the foundation for the postpartum period and beyond. I look forward to nourishing birthing people and mothers during this time of transition and helping them to trust their inner wisdom. It is truly an honor to walk alongside those embarking on this amazing adventure!