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I really enjoyed having a person around who was coming from another perspective – not a hospital employee, not a family member. Someone who could offer encouraging and comforting words, and provide a sense that no matter how nuts things got, we could deal with it.

Renee H

Katy’s support throughout labor and birth were extremely helpful. I couldn’t imagine giving birth without the support of a doula like Katy

Stella R

She helped us to develop our birth plan and ultimately to deliver our baby naturally. For this we will forever be grateful.

Viki T

What I appreciate most about Katy was her calm demeanor, and nonjudgemental nature. When discussing birth preferences, she was supportive of us and was able to discuss options and pros & cons without pushing us in one particular direction

Stephanie M

Without her work, we would have been much more frustrated, stressed and exhausted.

Emily O (Childbirth Ed)

Katy was especially supportive after our son was born and supported us with breastfeeding, postpartum ups and downs, and connecting us with the resources we needed when we struggled.

Rachel W

Katy’s reassurance and ability to back up her suggestions with medical explanations helped calm me down throughout the process.

Lindsay S

Mostly just knowing she was there and supporting me meant I didn’t worry and she lifted the weight of worrying from my shoulders.

Elisa W

She has the experience, dedication and disposition needed to be a strong advocate for you, your body and your baby in any and all birth situations.

Emily O

Katy didn’t take my place as a support system, but rather became another member of our team. She was the one with the knowledge and the confidence to help us all stay calm through the process, which went perfectly.

Scott A

We were so happy to find Katy. She was warm, calm, grounded and helpful. My previous labors had been long and quite painful and as my pregnancy progressed I grew more fearful. Katy always reminded me that my body was designed to give birth and never let my fear get the better of me.

M. S.

Katy also helped us prepare, in advance, for the weeks that followed the birth – my husband and I had planned for everything leading up to our baby’s arrival, but nothing after.

Emily E

Having Katy there helped me to stay focused on what I needed.  My partner and I felt it was great to have a third leg on the support team. We are sure it would have been even scarier without her calming presence.

Hillary S

There were times where my wife would tell me that she felt better with Katy just standing in the room.

Mark H

I appreciated that it never felt like she was pushing me to make a decision, but instead offered the information I needed to make an informed choice. I also never felt as though Katy judged any decisions I made, and she always took pains to normalize how I was feeling and what I was experiencing.

Jen T

Knowing that she was there and had experience, as well as my best interest in mind, made me feel like I didn’t have to worry about anything happening to me or my daughter that I would have regretted later on and I could just be present and be in labor without fear of the unknown.

Angela G

At a greater level, the most valuable part of Katy’s participation was her calm and resolute presence.

Terese N

Her calm demeanor, abundance of knowledge, and lending library helped me figure out what I wanted for my birth experience. The meetings with Katy engaged my partner in preparation for birth and post-partum in a way that he would not have been if we didn’t have dedicated time, space, and a guide.

Emily A

My husband and I were so grateful to have Katy on our birth team. My labor ended up being very fast and not at all what we expected. It was so helpful, especially to my husband, to have Katy on the phone and waiting for us when we got to the hospital. Literally, when we …

Erin S

 Katy’s emphasis is on building the environment of a “team” and this really helped take the pressure off mom to the extent possible. We were very satisfied with the experience at all levels.

Mike T

[Katy] Advocated our wants and needs to the hospital staff. Also, Katy did amazing hip massages that made my contraction pains disappear!

Bethany G