This list of resources is an ever-evolving thing.  I would love suggestions for additions to this list, and the topics are in alphabetical order, so if you don’t see what your looking for keep scrolling

Birth Plans

Creating Your Ideal Birth Plan – Katy Gladwin
How to Write a Birth Plan – Mara’s World
Visual Birth Plan – MamaNatural
Birth Plan – American Pregnancy
Free Birth Plan – EarthMamaOrganics (the check boxes)
Birth Plan – Just Mommies
What to include in your birth plan – MedLine

Bonus funny birth plan!

Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education for Pain Relief During Labor

MamaNatural Birth Course

Delayed Cord Clamping (DCC)

resources - umbilical cord over time
Umbilical cord over time

Cord-Banking vs DCC

Why Consider Delayed Cord Clamping?